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Wallace Berman; In Conversation

Wallace Berman; In Conversation

Edition Muta
Long Playing Record
AUD$32.00 AUD$40.00

Fascinating document issuing a recording of a conversation between Collage Artist & "Semina" magazine publisher Wallace "Pantale Xantos" Berman, his wife Shirley, the then Pasadena Art Museum "Preparator" Hal Glicksman, and Poet & UCLA Professor Jack Hirschman - who has just a few years prior been one of Jim Morrison's teachers - & his wife Ruth, recorded in 1968 - the same year Berman appeared in Dennis Hopper's "Easy Rider."

Comes wrapped in a frame-able, eye-popping cover; there's a Slowscan-esque nature to this edition - definitely echoes of the recent Richard Maxfield edition - that warrants the comparable price-point. Personally I'm just glad that Rick made this into a thing rather than relegating it to some online / negative space; not as many "Art Records" hitting the shelves these days as I'd like.


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