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Thomas Brinkmann - A Certain Degree of Stasis

Thomas Brinkmann - A Certain Degree of Stasis

Frozen Reeds
FR 004-5 CD
Double Compact Disc Set

Often associated with sparse electronic music, A Certain Degree of Stasis sees Thomas Brinkmann in command of a maximalist's palette. A sonic counterpart to Agnes Lux's visual work, featured on the sleeve, the piece explores both fiercely distorted textures and sustained crystalline calm. A new work in two parts, to be played individually, together or with previous Frozen Reeds releases. The music will be available in no other form, physical or digital. "I respect the old. I love it and I deal with it, but I use it to come to a new conclusion. Searching in transitions." -- Thomas Brinkmann. Double CD set in slim card package. Edition of 350. No repress.


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