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Sean McCann, Eric Schmid; St. Paul

Sean McCann, Eric Schmid; St. Paul

R34 BK
Book & Compact Disc Set
Theodor Adorno and Walter Benjamin would write letters to each other. Adorno accused Benjamin of “an undialectical ontologization of the body”. Walter Benjamin would write his Theses on the Philosophy of History before he escaped France. He describes a homogeneous history written by the victors, which, to an angel, appears as massive wreckage. Of that version, he writes a Messianic history charged with Jetztzeit [Now-time] and our calling to redeem the weak.

This album has two tracks. The first track is the site of a man trying to speak, but he can only bark or mumble, as the aesthetics of vaporwave, witch house and Arca, today dead, are sharply memorialized. According to the spiritual testament and commentary on St. Paul, Jacob Taubes said Benjamin was the real deal, charged with Messianism, and Adorno, on the other hand, was empty and an aesthete of Messianism. Two voice actors recite the Book of Concord, compiled after Martin Luther’s death. A response to “Faith Without Works Is Dead”. Sola Fide, or justification by faith alone.

The second track is a woman’s spiritual testimony. Her experience, strength and hope over alcoholism.

-Eric Schmid, April 2017


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