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Piero Umiliani; Effetti Musicali

Piero Umiliani; Effetti Musicali

Long Playing Record

First reissue. Piero Umiliani's self-released 1968 Effetti Musicali LP exposes his art and his versatility; among his keyboards and other implements, Umiliani creates overlapping sounds and situations with full artistic autonomy, free from the influence of any outside producer. The result is a stunning psychedelic experiment.

Remastered from the original Umiliani family master tapes. "We all love a bit of Umiliani, and here on this exceptionally rare recording (for his own label) he's wearing his weirdo hat. It's orchestral, challenging, experimental and sometimes absolutely beautiful (listen to Oriente Misterioso). This is a strange peak in the underground world of peculiar library music.

- Jonny Trunk (Vice, Record Collector, MOJO)


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