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Pauline Oliveros, Zeena Parkins; Presença Series 001

Pauline Oliveros, Zeena Parkins; Presença Series 001

Presença Series
Long Playing Record
First record in ages from Aeron Bergman & Alejandra Salinas' Lucky Kitchen - a label / art project started in New York in the late 90's that took the pair to Barcelona, Denmark, and points exotic and known before settling down in Seattle a few years back.

Their current focus w/r/t the label is on the depths of material in the audio archives of the Serralves Foundation in Porto; the first issue here is a lovely, op-art LP featuring a set each by Pauline Oliveros - in her contemporary, smart-accordion wielding iteration - and Zeena Parkins's concrète-addled high-gain electric harp.


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