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Paul McCarthy, Damon McCarthy; Rebel Dabble Babble, Four Audio Works

Paul McCarthy, Damon McCarthy; Rebel Dabble Babble, Four Audio Works

Box Editions
BOX 000 LP
Quadruple Long Playing Record Boxed Set

Rebel Dabble Babble: Four Audio Works is a four LP collection featuring audio from Rebel Dabble Babble (2012), a multi-part video work and installation by artists Paul McCarthy and Damon McCarthy.

Paul McCarthy has been involved with the Los Angeles Free Music Society for the past 40 years, notably being a member of Extended Organ, one of the "core" LAFMS groups. The project is an abstracted, layered piece, using the rumors of sexual relationships between the cast and crew during the making of Nicholas Ray's 1955 film Rebel Without A Cause as a starting point. The album is a combination of recordings made on the film set and later during the exhibition Rebel Dabble Babble at The Box, Los Angeles. Audio from multiple video projections produced a tonal environment of fragmented speech and physical movement.

"Head" is a field recording made by Paul McCarthy while walking around the installation using a cast replica of his head made by Alex Stevens with binaural microphones inside the ears. Made in the studio where Rebel Dabble Babble was filmed, "Bed" features Paul McCarthy as Nicholas Ray, the "Father" character, pushing a bed across the studio floor. "Three" is a 45 minute field recording that documents the simultaneous and layered movements of three people with microphones navigating through the various rooms of the exhibition at The Box gallery. "Seduction" spotlights Elyse Poppers as Natalie Wood/Judy, the lead actress presenting a pillow talk monologue reminiscent of a video work by Vito Acconci, Theme Song (1973).

This four LP box set includes a download card. Edition of 500.


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