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Neil Davidson, Michael Duch; Oera

Neil Davidson, Michael Duch; Oera

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CW 15 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable
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Double-Bassist Duch's name has a ring to it - he was the third in the C. Spencer Yeh / Tony Conrad aggregate that recorded a disc for Prisma @ Sofienberg Church in Oslo back in 2008 - but Glaswegian Guitarist Davidson's is new to me, even though he's a vet of several Never Come Ashore & Creative Sources-issued sessions involving folks like Balloon & Needle, Nick Fells, Raymond MacDonald, etc. The overall effect of creating a sustained wash via exclusively attack-oriented instrumentation gets put to good use on the opening & closing tracks, leaving the other two room to languish in more pointillist modes. There are sounds in the mix here that don't, at first blush, appear to come from either players hands or even of the direct vantage of where the microphones are pointed - I'd like to know about how they are being made.


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