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Morris Knight; After Guernica

Morris Knight; After Guernica

Creel Pone
CP 027 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable

Once again the “boxes from Reykjavik” have started arriving on Thursday mornings like clockwork; let’s start up again not with an outright explosion of lost Tape-Psych damage - to give us all time to recover - but with a rather remarkable set of subtle, Lo-Fi Electronic compositions composed throughout the 60s & originally released in the early 70s on the private-press “Golden Crest Records, Inc.” label.

Of the past Creel Pones, this one has the most in common with the George Engler “Inside of the Outside” title - long, dynamic stretches of distant ensemble / tape-sound, mired in cavernous murk and questionable engineering practices suddenly erupt in rising waves of feedback, field-recorded clanks and whirrs - and piles of distortion. The second piece, “The Origin of the Prophesy”, has a continuous voice-over - heavy stereo & echo over a bit of backwards bell-chains and metal clangs that comes across as a rural american Intersystems “Cover Band.”

The bottom line: if you’re into lo-fi mid-60s bedroom-tape-music-studio antics I can’t imagine how you’ll be let down by this; it’s crawling with the sort of signifiers that all Creel Pones possess.


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