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Matthew P. Hopkins; Vent

Matthew P. Hopkins; Vent

Penultimate Press
PP 009 LP
Long Playing Record

Originally self-released as an edition of 20 cassettes and 30 CDR's in 2013, and re-issued as a 12" LP by Penultimate Press in April 2014.

Side A features four transcendental propositions bathing in perverse transitions, inhuman vocals and a singular audio perspective where spacious room recordings weave amongst crude studies in direct input. Side B extends the dichotomy of grit and beauty into more spacious planes as the hovering grace of the side long 'Wobbly Study' is interrupted by melodies at the point where melody is visited by sound.

'Vent' is a unique exhumation of sonics and song, the ambient and the uncanny. One which raises an eyebrow to the sky from the scratchy floorboards below.


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