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Luciano Maggiore, Enrico Malatesta; talabalacco

Luciano Maggiore, Enrico Malatesta; talabalacco

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CW 16 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable

Assorted alchemical crackle & mechanistic ping from the duo of Enrico Malatesta - an improvising percussionist by trade with releases under his belt for Senufo Editions, Presto!?, & Alku - and Electro-Acoustic improvisor & sound-diffuser Lucano Maggiore - ditto, Senufo, Boring Machines. Long, pregnant pauses are interrupted by curious, evenly timed transients - both folded through actual, breathe-able spaces & DC-offsets made audible for the first time as you hit "Play." Other than the fact that the Futurists were, by & large, also Italian, I see no particular reason to bring them up.


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