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Josef Otto Mundigl; Elektronische Musik (IMS 072)

Josef Otto Mundigl; Elektronische Musik (IMS 072)

Internationales Musikstudio
IMS 072 LP
Long Playing Record

A handful of sealed copies of the original, 1981 Internationales Musikstudio pressing of this Creel Pone classic, with Glasperlenspiel (In Memoriam Hermann Hesse) (1976), Interludium (2. Satz Aus Dem Orchesterkonzert Nr. 1) (1975), & Quartett Nr. 1 (In Memoriam Hermann Beck) (1980).

"Mr. P.C. C.P.’s handling of this 1981 “Private-Press” (c/o the Internationales Musikstudio - aka the Nürnberg vinyl pressing plant) abstract-synth stunner, comprised of three pieces composed during the mid 70s & early 80s by “Elektronische Musik im Unterricht” & “Musik aus Strom : Eine Einfuhrung in die Elektronische Musik” author & instrument designer (famously, he built the prototype of the “Synthi E” variant for EMS-Steinberg ... but a trail of custom-built analog designs like the “Doppelringmodulator” are out there in the ether) Josef Otto Mundigl.

All three pieces here display an instantly-grasp-able, deep knowledge of synthesizer function & mal-function - the sparse pacing(s), bubbling spring reverb-klang & wide stereo fields all harken to the WDR’s “Elektronische” roots ... even if, by this point int echnology the instruments & systems being used were generations beyond the crude, post-war surplus of the 50s & 60s."


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