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Josef Otto Mundigl; lektronische Musik

Josef Otto Mundigl; lektronische Musik

Creel Pone
CP 135 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable
Mr. P.C. C.P.’s handling of this 1981 “Private-Press” (c/o the Internationales Musikstudio - aka the Nürnberg vinyl pressing plant) abstract-synth stunner, comprised of three pieces composed during the mid 70s & early 80s by “Elektronische Musik im Unterricht” & “Musik aus Strom : Eine Einfuhrung in die Elektronische Musik” author & instrument designer (famously, he built the prototype of the “Synthi E” variant for EMS-Steinberg ... but a trail of custom-built analog designs like the “Doppelringmodulator” are out there in the ether) Josef Otto Mundigl.

All three pieces here display an instantly-grasp-able, deep knowledge of synthesizer function & mal-function - the sparse pacing(s), bubbling spring reverb-klang & wide stereo fields all harken to the WDR’s “Elektronische” roots ... even if, by this point in technology the instruments & systems being used were generations beyond the crude, post-war surplus of the 50s & 60s.


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