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Jonas Palm; Ze Wörmnest

Jonas Palm; Ze Wörmnest

Creel Pone
CP 108 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable
Lovely. Here’s a Creelpro of Jonas Palm’s 1980 Piglet-label outing “Ze Wörmnest,” widely considered as one of the canonic crater-dwellings of early 80s “Minimal Synth” pedagogy.

To wit, here’s a perfectly zenzible stammer by John “Inzane” Olson, re: this particular media-carrier:

"Man.....super whacked out mumble synth homemade jammer by Jonas Palm. on the rare Piglet records circa 1980. Super mystery sounds from a oozing liquid stranger place inside your slowly vibrating skull. Intense!!! Actually found a couple of these through the years, first one gripped in high school at the sacred FBC dollar bin.... aka gateway to the sound world of beyond....czech this mug and bust your own soundtrack to your dark world inside!!!! Ze Worm Nest breederz of inzanity."

That’s a nail-head meeting right there ; plenty of the same brain-juices flown by Raicevic, Birchall, et.al are splilt herein, albeit coming from less of a drag-race drop-out / midwest interior waterfall kinda zone, closer to a dark, euro brood. Classic, early 80s Euro-terminations of the highest order.


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