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John Olson; Life Is A Rip-Off

John Olson; Life Is A Rip-Off

Third Man
TMB 009 BK
Softcover Book

"Life is a Rip Off: The Complete Book is 12 months of record reviews -- one record a day, every day, for one year. Yes, John "Inzane" Olson aka Inzane Johnny of the band Wolf Eyes aka American Tapes did that. And he reviewed everything from death metal demo cassettes to the Staples Singers' gospel. Enter into the Olzone and find out about music you've never known, bands from places that you've never heard, and then read his review of Kansas.

Reading Life is a Rip Off will make you re-realize why blues is relevant, why every punk band in America matters, why jazz is good for the heart, and metal will always ride by your side." 404 pages; paperback, 8"x10". Artists reviewed include: Genesis, Lightdreams, Eel, Autopsy, The Doors, Gigan, Can, Abandon, Carcass, Muddy Waters, Bounty Killer, Crazy Spirit, Suffocation, Death, Jimi Hendrix, Immolation, Lester Young, The Velvet Underground, Exmortis, Gomorrha, Limbus 3, etc.


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