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Jean-Claude Éloy; Of the Literal and the Oral: Yo-In

Jean-Claude Éloy; Of the Literal and the Oral: Yo-In

Hors Territoires
Softcover Book
AUD$16.00 AUD$20.00
The discography of Jean-Claude Eloy's Private Hors Territoires imprint, issuing, Stockhausen-Verlag style, his Electro-Acoustic work from the 70s onwards in lavish CD editions featuring copious documentation.

Included are arguably his most well-known pieces, "Shanti" & "Gaku no Michi" - both issued on vinyl by Erato during the 70s, then via Creel Pone replications early on in the series - but also similar explorations such as "Yo-In," "Anâhata," "Kâmakalâ," and "Galaxies" taking us clear through the 90s. In addition, there are three books covering the thought- and compositional-processes, respectively, of "Gaku-No-Michi," the "Chants pour l'Autre Motie du Ciel" cycle, and "Yo-In." 

Eloy is undoubtedly one of the masters of the long-form Musique Concrète / Live-Electronic-Blend spec & this exhaustive campaign should bring you up to speed on his activities.


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