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Hsin-Huei Huang; Solo

Hsin-Huei Huang; Solo

God Records
Long Playing Record

Already established in the world of contemporary interpreters, with her debut release Solo, Hsin-Huei Huang presents her multiple pianistic abilities and approaches. Covering different composers through their very different styles, Huang offers mechanics through Bernhard Lang, virtuosity through Peter Savli and sensitivity through Matthias Pintscher, all of that with a fascinating amount of not only performing, but programming responsibility.

Personnel: "DW 12 'cellular automata' " composed by Bernhard Lang, mixed by Wolfgang Musil, with Andrew Jezek as recording supervisor; "On A Clear Day" mixed By Christian Michl, with Heinz-Dieter Sibitz as recording supervisor; "Je Dois M'abbattre" composed by Peter Savli, mixed by Branko Skrajner, with Janja Velkavrh as recording supervisor.


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