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Ghérasim Luca; Théâtre De Bouche

Ghérasim Luca; Théâtre De Bouche

HOL 097 LP
Long Playing Record

Ghérasim Luca (Bucarest, 1913 - Paris, 1994) was a Romanian-Jewish poet, co-founder and theorist of the Romanian Surrealist artists group. Harassed in his country, after World War II and a local exile, he moved to Paris through Israel in 1952. His work on French language - characterized by the stammering effects described by Gilles Deleuze - attains its highest degree of expression during the public reading of his writings thanks to the whole-body work.

Théâtre De Bouche was recorded on February 21st, 1984 at Studio Sofreson by Rémi Goux and originally appeared as a cassette included in a special book edition published in 1984 by Criapl'e (Le Soleil Noir), highlighting all axiomatic human torments. This edition, the second volume in a series of sound poetry releases coordinated by Luca Garino, comes in a deluxe edition featuring the complete recording of the entire text by the author, and the reproduction of a dry point drawing by Micheline Catty which was originally included in the limited book edition.

Ghérasim Luca was the man who relentlessly pushed language toward its limits, which he transmuted from a mere instrument of representation into an extreme style of intensities. Luca knew how to stammer not just words, but language itself.

- Gilles Deleuze.

Embossed lettering; Edition of 250.


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