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Ghédalia Tazartès; 5 Rimbaud 1 Verlaine

Ghédalia Tazartès; 5 Rimbaud 1 Verlaine

HOL 082 LP
Ten Inch Record

Holiday Records presents the vinyl reissue of Ghedalia Tazartes' 5 Rimbaud 1 Verlaine (2006). This is a great tribute to the poetry of Rimbaud and Verlaine made by a favorite French sorcerer, who exceptionally abandoned his typical imaginary language to reinterpret six small poems in his own way, jumping from one musical genre to the other and happily letting them crunch together in a childish, enthusiastic play.

Recorded in Paris in his flat around the same time he recorded the wonderful Hystérie Off Music (2007) (HOL 074LP, 2014) and previously available in an almost unnoticed mini CD edition published by the French label Jardin au Fou. Available here in a remastered vinyl version - with an excellent 45 rpm cut made by SST in Frankfurt. Edition of 350.


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