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Garry Bradbury; Yakovlevian Torque

Garry Bradbury; Yakovlevian Torque

NO 305 CD
Compact Disc
No. return with a new addition to the abstract "300" series by one-time member of the influential Australian electronic project Severed Heads: Garry Bradbury. Sydney-based Bradbury is known for his boundary-bending audio-collage and analog synthesis outbursts and has a career spanning three decades that is still blazing well into the 21st century. Here he presents his fifth solo album for No. Yakovlevian Torque might be the most diverse No. release to date, combining audio sources such as traditional "found sound" TV samples and analog and digital synthesis. Always on the verge of being slightly humorous, silly, or deadly serious, Bradbury balances moods and emotions, making this album not just a journey into his own mind. Yakovlevian Torque is a 13-track workout worthy of your attention deficit disorder. All tracks written by Garry Bradbury. Mastered by Atom TM. Artwork by Garry Bradbury.


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