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Di Jarrell; April Orchestra Vol.5

Di Jarrell; April Orchestra Vol.5

Creel Pone
CP 137 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable
Impeccable short-stab collection of bizarrely prescient rhythmic synthesizer metallics from Amedeo “Di Jarrell” Tommasi (rumor has it that Di Jarrell is his wife’s maiden) - an Italian jazz pianist that, from the mid-70s on, dabbled in crushing analogue devastation(s) and assorted proto-industrial moves across a series of libraries for Cenacolo, Orly, Costanza, and CBS Disques France’s “April Orchestra” series.

Each side here presents three more “lyrical” numbers (still quite well produced & arranged, full of electric piano & hissing, rhythmic white-noise pulsing) that segue into a trilogy of loud, bass-heavy sub-divided analogue synth wooze that presages the whole early-80s “Industrial” wave in a, frankly, incredible way.

Easily one of the best & most forward-thinking “experimental” Italian libraries, rescued from the shadows & given the C.P. “replica” treatment (here, for the first time, featuring a pretty damn nice pearlized-stock booklet that captures the aluminum glow of the music quite nicely.)


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