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Den Sorten Skole; Indians & Cowboys

Den Sorten Skole; Indians & Cowboys

No Label
DSS 001 LP
Double Long Playing Record

From Middle-Eastern dancehall madness, freaky jazz experiments, and heavy dub psychedelia to beautiful piano trips, dark machine raids, and spaced-out traumas. From here to there -- out there, and everywhere. This is the sound of Danish sampling duo Den Sorte Skole's 78-minute album Indians & Cowboys. Here, forgotten musicians from the communal musical treasury come together to jam in a global ghost-orchestra crossing time and space. Indians & Cowboys follows Den Sorte Skole's monumental sample-based 90-minute triple-12" Lektion III (2013), a magnum opus that earned them the Danish Critic's Composer of the Year 2014 award and won them an international following, and which Sasha Frere-Jones included as one of six titles in his "What I Missed: 2013 Albums" list for The New Yorker.

Den Sorte Skole take their strictly sample-based methodology to even more extreme territories on Indians & Cowboys. With an immense amount of samples, even finer-stitched collage work, even more diverse musical energies, and a renewed complexity of composition derived from the duo's work as composers in residence with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra, this is arguably the most ambitious sample-based album ever made. Indians & Cowboys is self-released by Den Sorte Skole. None of the samples have been cleared, but all of the samples are listed on the sleeve; contemporary copyright law makes it practically impossible to clear the number of samples involved in Den Sorte Skole's work, and the duo insists on challenging a system built by big businesses to favor mainstream artists and big record companies. But by revealing their sample-sources, Den Sorte Skole hopes to pass on knowledge, spark interest, and give credit to the forgotten musicians upon whose shoulders Den Sorte Skole -- and the rest of the music business -- stand, build, and create. Includes fully illustrated 32-page booklet.


A1.1 – Randy Weston's African Rhythms African Cookbook
A1.2 – Okay Temiz Zeybek Of Kadioglu
A1.3 – Gunnar Møller Pedersen* Stoned - An Electronic Symphony Part 1
A1.4 – Yoko Ono Greenfield Morning I Pushed An Empty Baby Carriage All Over The City
A1.5 – No Artist A Recording Of A Thunderstorm (With Train)
A1.6 – Steve Maxwell Von Braund Monster Planet
A1.7 – Etron Fou Le Loublan* Sololo Brigida
A1.8 – Unknown Artist Freedom Now Chant
A1.9 – The Human Instinct Stoned Guitar
A1.10 – Head (10) Cannabis Sativa
A1.11 – Sermonizer Copulator
A1.12 – Igor Wakhévitch Amenthi (Attente De La Seconde Mort)
A1.13 – Lena Platonos* Mia Askisi Fysikis Alyti
A1.14 – David Axelrod Urizen
A1.15 – Eddie Harris Coltranes View
A1.16 – Ethiopian Dorzé Pygmies Work Song
A1.17 – Michel Deneuve Irian
A1.18 – John Watermann The Shredding Of Human Tissue
A1.19 – Iasos Osiris Bull-Man & Elaphant Walk
A1.20 – This Heat Water
A1.21 – BLO Miss Sagit
A1.22 – Intersystems Blackout Mix
A1.23 – Nik Raicevic Methedrine
A1.24 – The Group Ensemble Dawn Of Man
A1.25 – S. Lubtchansky Pashtun Chorus
A1.26 – Hawkwind Master Of The Universe
A1.27 – Conrad Schnitzler M 5 - 477
A1.28 – Jocy de Oliveira Wave Song
A1.29 – Speed, Glue & Shinki M Glue
A1.30 – PVC Precinct Rat Lab
A1.31 – Francois De Roubaix* Opération FR1

A2.1 – Brigitte Fontaine Le Gougron
A2.2 – Anima Sound* Trinity 2
A2.3 – Speed, Glue & Shinki M Glue
A2.4 – Sheila Jordan Dat Dere
A2.5 – Dave Holland Quartet* Q&A
A2.6 – Confluence 4 Voyages
A2.7 – Francois Rabbath* Variation Sur Trois Cordes
A2.8 – Young-Holt Unlimited* Wichita Lineman
A2.9 – Günter Maas Variationen
A2.10 – Yao Su Rong Unknown Title (Track #3)
A2.11 – Helge Hurum Det Va Je Og Det Va Du
A2.12 – Mythos (4) Mythalgia
A2.13 – Hanns Eisler Nr. 7 Lento
A2.14 – F.G. Experimental Laboratory 2335
A2.15 – Unknown Artist Kaba
A2.16 – Garnet Mimms As Long As I Have You
A2.17 – Kaleidon Kaleidon
A2.18 – Kaleidon Free Love
A2.19 – Sam Cooke Lost And Lookin'
A2.20 – Paiter Merewá Side A
A2.21 – Les Yper-Sound Jericho Jerk
A2.22 – Som Imaginário* Pantera
A2.23 – Popol Vuh Der Ruf Der Rohrflüte
A2.24 – Ghédelia Tartartés Mourir Un Peu
A2.25 – Pierre Akendengue Ahan
A2.26 – Babelain Mediterraneo
A2.27 – R. D. Burman I Love You
A2.28 – Various Song Of A Mahaber Festival
A2.29 – Guy Bonnet La Besito
A2.30 – The Fear Merchants Track 04
A2.31 – Yoko Ono Georgia Stone
A2.32 – Unknown Artist Flowers Fall Away
A2.33 – Jean-Claude Vannier Pattes De Mouches
A2.34 – Gary Bartz NTU Troop Rise
A2.35 – Charles Austin (2), Joe Gallivan & Voices (12) Duet
A2.36 – Walter Franco Me Deixe Mudo
A2.37 – Joe Meek & The Blue Men Magnetic Field
A2.38 – Katarzyna Mycka* Marimbasonic - Markus Halt

A3.1 – Omar Khorshid Guitar El Chark
A3.2 – Faust Extract 7
A3.3 – Sophie C. & Philippe F.* Thee End
A3.4 – Iasos Aries
A3.5 – Ophiolateria Mirror Of Dionysus
A3.6 – Iron Claw Pavement Artist
A3.7 – John Foxx Metal Beat
A3.8 – Trembling Strain Funeral March
A3.9 – Speed, Glue & Shinki M Glue
A3.10 – M.P.N. Sethuraman, M.P.N. Punnuswamy & Party (10) Krishna Nee Begane Raga
A3.11 – Various Hommes Du Village De Lombo
A3.12 – Acker Bilk Acka Raga
A3.13 – Unknown Artist Hammer Driving Nails
A3.14 – Twinkle Brothers Magnetic Enforcer
A3.15 – Omar Khorshid Alf Layla
A3.16 – Sumire Yoshihara Munari By Munari
A3.18 – Johann Timman* Trip Into The Body
A3.19 – Les Vampyrettes Biomutanten
A3.20 – Spiridon Shishigin Dance Of The Female Shaman
A3.21 – Lucifer (2) Incubus
A3.22 – Goro Yamaguchi Mukaiji-Reibo
A3.23 – Various Song Of A Kalak'a's Festival
A3.24 – Rebecca Pan One Year Ago Today
A3.25 – Keiko Matsuo And Her Ensemble Yugao
A3.26 – The Marion Brown Quartet* Homecoming
A3.27 – Spiridon Shishigin Spring Melodies
A3.28 – Juan Amalbert's Latin Jazz Quintet* G.T.'s Theme
A3.29 – Total Disease Sterile
A3.30 – Brian Bennett's Collage* Madrid

B1.1 – Okay Temiz Suzinak Semai
B1.2 – Kartik Trivedi Alap, Jor, Jhala
B1.3 – Ali Farka Toure* Cherí
B1.4 – Various The Drums Of Burundi (Promenade - Ensemble Of 17 Drums)
B1.5 – Drum Circus Now It Hurts You
B1.6 – Twinkle Brothers On World Wide Dub
B1.7 – Areski & Brigitte Fontaine* Le Bonheur
B1.8 – Cybotron Clear
B1.9 – David Cain War Of The Worlds
B1.10 – Ryuichi Sakamoto Riot In Lagos
B1.11 – Cem Karaca Kendim Ettim Kendim Buldum
B1.12 – Lunatic Gods Sizy Neba (Instrumental)
B1.14 – Batéké Chant Oniugu
B1.15 – D. Zhantsanchoy The Koomiy Lesson
B1.16 – M.P.N. Sethuraman, M.P.N. Punnuswamy & Party (10) Krishna Nee Begane Raga
B1.17 – Speed, Glue & Shinki M Glue
B1.18 – Total Disease Sterile
B1.19 – Juan Amalbert's Latin Jazz Quintet* G.T.'s Theme
B1.20 – Mongo (6) Hommes Du Village De Lombo
B1.21 – Lucifer (2) Incubus
B1.22 – John Foxx Metal Beat
B1.23 – Sumire Yoshihara Munari By Munari
B1.24 – Les Yper-Sound Jericho Jerk
B1.25 – Otto Kill Untitled
B1.26 – Due (2) El Eviscerador Y Yo
B1.27 – Lena Platonos* To Paidi Tis Paramonis
B1.28 – Rare Bird Hammerhead
B1.29 – Throbbing Gristle Discipline (Berlin)
B1.30 – Brian Bennett's Collage* Madrid
B1.31 – The Marion Brown Quartet* Homecoming
B1.32 – Omar Khorshid Guitar El Chark
B1.33 – Einstürzende Neubauten Kollaps
B1.34 – Sandy Bull With Billy Higgins Little Maggie
B1.35 – The Haters Fire 5
B1.36 – People From The Chhhokhor Valley Monks, A Clown, Crowds And Instruments

B2.1 – Igor Wakhevitch* Aurore
B2.2 – Michael Small Goldfarb's Fantasy
B2.3 – Waldinjah* Bading Luntjat
B2.4 – Egil Kapstad Jeg Lagde Mig Så Silde
B2.5 – Günter Maas Variationen
B2.6 – Trembling Strain Funeral March
B2.7 – The Habibiyya Koto Piece
B2.8 – Memorandum Esthetiks Of Cruelty
B2.9 – Sonoko Sanctus
B2.10 – Sadao Nakajima Track 10
B2.11 – Galaxy (10) Excerpts "Time" - Part Two
B2.12 – William Burchette* Witch's Will
B2.13 – David Axelrod Urizen
B2.14 – The Flying Lizards Move On Up
B2.15 – Serge Gainsbourg Requiem Pour Un Con
B2.16 – The Marion Brown Quartet* Homecoming
B2.17 – Nimbus (4) Ennustus
B2.18 – Eilrahc Elddewt* Untitled
B2.19 – Seefeel Gatha
B2.20 – G.F. Fitz-Gerald* Political Machine
B2.21 – Axolotl (2) D'Autres Seuls
B2.22 – George Jinda Nostalgia
B2.23 – Clear Light (2) Think Again
B2.24 – Emmanuel Dilhac Loup
B2.25 – Katarzyna Mycka* Marimbasonic - Markus Halt
B2.26 – Dzyan For Earthly Thinking
B2.27 – Blödarna Forts. (Side B)
B2.28 – Unknown Artist Collected By Alan Lomax No More, My Lawd
B2.29 – Walter Franco Misturacáo
B2.30 – African Head Charge Belinda
B2.31 – G.F. Fitz-Gerald* Opal Pyramid Drifting Over Time

B3.1 – Intersystems Blackout Mix
B3.2 – Igor Wakhévitch Amenthi (Attente De La Seconde Mort)
B3.3 – Steve Maxwell Von Braund Monster Planet
B3.4 – Unknown Artist Collected By Alan Lomax Prettiest Trains
B3.5 – Okay Temiz Zeybek Of Kadioglu
B3.6 – Gunnar Møller Pedersen* Stoned - An Electronic Symphony Part 1
B3.7 – Head (10) Cannabis Sativa
B3.8 – Atahualpa Yupanqui Campo Albierto
B3.9 – Rec. Wakasar, Sulawesi Gandrung Bulo (Bamboo Drums)
B3.10 – Reet Hendrikson Lauliku Lapsepõli
B3.11 – Yamasuki Kono Samourai
B3.12 – Fela Kuti Don't Make Ganran Ganran
B3.13 – Randy Weston's African Rhythms African Cookbook
B3.14 – Max Roach Kujichaglia
B3.15 – Fannie Lou Hamer Walk With Me Lord
B3.16 – Various Cymbals Played Solo
B3.17 – Wiriyi A) Didjeridu
B3.18 – Unknown Artist Collected By Alan Lomax How I Got In The Penintentiary
B3.19 – Spiridon Shishigin Dance Of The Female Shaman
B3.20 – Dendö Marionette* Frozen Edge
B3.21 – Unknown Artist Senggot
B3.22 – Usha Khanna Mere Pyase Man Ki Bahar
B3.23 – Ben Frost Secant
B3.24 – Sozialistisches Patienten Kollektiv* Post - Mortem
B3.25 – D. Zhantsanchoy The Black Stallion Zhonon Of The Khalka Mongols
B3.26 – Reet Hendrikson Meil Aiaäärne Tänavas
B3.27 – Unknown Artist Hammer Driving Nails
B3.28 – Gun Xiangdiu & Gun Nadao Dongliang
B3.29 – Unknown Artist Track 16
B3.30 – Unknown Artist Track 23

C1.1 – Angkanang Kunchai* With Ubon-Pattana Band* & Surin Paksiri* Lam Sarawan
C1.2 – Karlheinz Stockhausen Kontakte, Struktur X
C1.3 – Rome Sithammarat* Sao New Look
C1.4 – Eddie Harris Electric Ballad
C1.5 – Unknown Artist Unknown Drum Sample
C1.6 – Diamánda Gálás* The Litanies Of Satan
C1.7 – Unknown Artist Ceremonial Drinking Song With Voices
C1.8 – Iron Claw Take Me Back
C1.9 – Hojiakbar Hamidov Maktub
C1.10 – Michel Deneuve Irian
C1.11 – Head (10) Cannabis Sativa
C1.12 – Steve Maxwell Von Braund Monster Planet
C1.13 – Fela Kuti Don't Make Ganran Ganran
C1.14 – Toraja Choeur D'hommes Manimbon
C1.15 – Anima Sound* Trinity 2
C1.16 – Intersystems Blacout Mix
C1.17 – Seefeel Rupt
C1.18 – Clear Light (2) Think Again
C1.19 – Serge Gainsbourg Requiem Pour Un Con
C1.20 – Okay Temiz Zeybek Of Kadioglu
C1.21 – Dave Holland Quartet* Q&A
C1.22 – Zafer Dilek Tokat Sarmasi
C1.23 – The Ghouls Coffin Nails
C1.24 – Taurus (21) The Garden
C1.25 – Tabletom Tipos Duros
C1.26 – Les Yper-Sound Jericho Jerk
C1.27 – Boubacar Traore* Mariamba Kaba
C1.28 – The Chris Hinze Combination Essence
C1.29 – Sozialistisches Patienten Kollektiv* Chamber Music
C1.30 – Hukwe Ubi Zawose* Sote Tulifurahia Kama Siku Ya Arusi
C1.31 – Die Form Passion & Supplice
C1.32 – Ubon Pattana* With Surin Paksiri* Lum Sao Phutai Rum Pan
C1.33 – Bunun People Of Taiwan* Bastitaita (Song Of Consolation)

C2.1 – Sound Of Magic Saw Waltz
C2.2 – Blödarna Forts. (Side B)
C2.3 – Head (10) Cannabis Sativa
C2.4 – Dick Mills Major Bloodnok's Stomach
C2.5 – Thrice Mice Jo Joe
C2.6 – Bit A' Sweet* Diamond
C2.7 – Harter Schwanz Dynamo Kiew
C2.8 – Joe Meek & The Blue Men Entry Of The Globbots
C2.9 – Francois Rabbath* Bitume
C2.10 – Sophie C. & Philippe F.* Thee End
C2.11 – Myroslav Skoryk* Tomorrow Is Spring: Palagna Practiced Sorcery
C2.12 – Delia Derbyshire Mattachin
C2.13 – Laxmikant Pyarelal* Samne Mere Sanwriya
C2.14 – Sermonizer Acid86 To Dica68

C3.1 – Keluarga Putera Bali Purantara Jogjakarta Tabuh Hudjan Mas
C3.2 – Ricky Trooper Round 1 - Jaro A
C3.3 – Okay Temiz Suzinak Semai
C3.4 – Zia (6) Helelyos
C3.5 – Freda Payne The Easiest Way To Fall
C3.6 – The Meters Look-Ka Py Py
C3.7 – David Axelrod Holy Thursday
C3.8 – Laxmikant Pyarelal* & Anand Bakshi My Name Is Lakhan
C3.9 – Reiko Ike Koi No Dorei
C3.10 – Shamek Farrah First Impressions
C3.11 – Higelin* & Areski L'Inutile
C3.12 – Hildegard Knef Die Herren Dieser Welt
C3.13 – Edip Akbayram ve Dostlar* Mehmet Emmi
C3.14 – Joe Harriott Amancio D'Silva Quartet* Ballad For Goa
C3.15 – Beast (10) Move Mountain (You Got It)
C3.16 – Igra Staklenih Perli Flow Access
C3.17 – Googoosh / Manoucher Cheshmazar* Talegh
C3.18 – Musa Dieng Kala Shakawtu (A Capella)
C3.19 – Unknown Artist Hijaz
C3.20 – No Artist A Recording Of A Thunderstorm (With Train)
C3.21 – Twinkle Brothers Escape From Hell
C3.22 – Baris Manco* Binboganin Kizi
C3.23 – Unknown Artist Recorded By Bernard Lortat-Jacob Italie, Sardaigne - Chant D'hommes Tenore
C3.24 – Live Experience* Before Dead A.k.a. Cry For Betty
C3.25 – The Human Instinct Stoned Guitar

C4.1 – David Lannan Patterson's Song/Kawliga
C4.2 – Paradox* Kokoszka Babuni
C4.3 – Popol Vuh Der Ruf Der Rohrflöte
C4.4 – Sophie C. & Philippe F.* Thee End
C4.5 – Guy Bonnet La Besito
C4.6 – Speed, Glue & Shinki M Glue
C4.7 – Charles Rouse In His Presence Searching
C4.8 – Stringtronics Dawn Mists
C4.9 – Skald The Pain I'd Like To Laugh At
C4.10 – Brian Bennett's Collage* Blue Handkerchief
C4.11 – Toni Frangieh & Setrak Sarkissian Azef El Leyl

D1.1 – Necronomicon (3) Requiem Der Natur
D1.2 – Chêne Noir* Les Oiseaux
D1.3 – The Elisabeth Waldo Group* Siembra
D1.4 – Igor Wakhevitch* Matines
D1.5 – John Foxx Metal Beat
D1.6 – Clear Light (2) Think Again
D1.7 – Young-Holt Unlimited* Wichita Lineman
D1.8 – F.G. Experimental Laboratory 2335
D1.9 – Anima Sound* Trinity 2
D1.10 – Nükhet Ruacan Umut
D1.11 – Folke Rabe What??
D1.12 – Faust Why Don't You Eat Carrots
D1.13 – Baris Manco* / Kurtalan Ekspres Selahaddin Eyyübinin Yegeni
D1.14 – Carlos Farinas* Teinto II
D1.15 – Super-Jay Super-Jay Love Theme
D1.16 – Gérard Levecque* & Claude Romat Red Pepper
D1.17 – T.K. Ramamoorthy Sahana
D1.18 – Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Band Kleopatra
D1.19 – Wiseblood Stumbo
D1.20 – Os Mutantes Adeus Maria Fuló
D1.21 – Colette Magny U.S.A. Doudou
D1.22 – The Chaquito Big Band Main Theme
D1.23 – This Heat Diet Of Worms
D1.24 – Hozan Yamamoto Sawanose
D1.25 – Mahalia Jackson Calvary
D1.26 – Mahogany Rush Maxoom
D1.27 – Iron Claw Pavement Artist
D1.28 – Paiter Merewá Side A
D1.29 – This Heat Test Card
D1.30 – John Berberian And The Rock East Ensemble Iron Maiden
D1.31 – Hozan Yamamoto Silver World
D1.32 – Mohd. Rafi* Babul Ki Duayen Leti Jaa
D1.33 – Solis Lacus Utopia
D1.34 – Rex Holman Come On Down

D2.1 – The Durutti Column Requiem For A Father
D2.2 – Som Imaginário* Morse
D2.3 – Les Baxter Hot Wind
D2.4 – Leningrad Blues Machine Palaca
D2.5 – Carol Grimes And Delivery Blind To Your Blind
D2.6 – Harvey Mandel The Snake
D2.7 – Laghonia Someday
D2.8 – La Revolución De Emiliano Zapata Nasty Sex
D2.9 – Som Imaginário* Nepal
D2.10 – Richard Hayman And His Orchestra Gris-Gris
D2.11 – Kraftwerk K1
D2.12 – Harvey Mandel The Lark
D2.13 – Unknown Artist Collected By Alan Lomax Black Woman
D2.14 – Las Antorchas Going Down
D2.15 – Røde Mor Blind
D2.16 – Tobruk (2) Send It For Tomorrow
D2.17 – Bell* & Hooper* Opening Titles
D2.18 – Les Fleurs De Pavot Pourquoi L'Amour À Deux
D2.19 – Simon Boswell Maggots
D2.20 – Tafo Brothers Tu Shama-E-Mohabbat
D2.21 – Nik Raicevic Methedrine
D2.22 – Gnonnas Pedro La Musica En Verité
D2.23 – Galaxy (10) Excerpts "Time" - Part Two
D2.24 – Os Mutantes Não Vá Se Perder Por Aí
D2.25 – Various Brolga One
D2.26 – Michel Deneuve Cuenca
D2.27 – Howlin' Wolf Moanin' At Midnight
D2.28 – Various Qil'e Tsilat
D2.29 – The Panthers (3) Bhairvi
D2.30 – Egisto Macchi Diaphragme
D2.31 – Les Vampyrettes Menetekel
D2.32 – Clear Light (2) Think Again
D2.33 – G.F. Fitz-Gerald* Under And Over The Waterfall
D2.34 – Sumire Yoshihara Arrangements (For Percussion Player)
D2.35 – Apollo (19) Labyrintti
D2.36 – Davy Jones And The Voodoo Funk Machine Sookie Sookie
D2.37 – George Benson Water Brother

D3.1 – Atahualpa Yupanqui Bien Perdido
D3.2 – Karelia* Surumarssi Optaatus
D3.3 – Günter Maas Molom-Takis-Kawak-Ses
D3.4 – Lloyd Miller Gole Gandom Version III
D3.5 – Fille Qui Mousse Transplantation
D3.6 – Iron Claw Take Me Back
D3.7 – Sigillum S Region Of Fire
D3.8 – Anima Sound* Trinity 2
D3.9 – Dave Holland Quartet* Q&A
D3.10 – Kaleidon Kaleidon
D3.11 – Iasos Aries
D3.12 – Jannick Top & Roland Romanelli Helium 112
D3.13 – Johan Timman The Blood
D3.14 – Samira Tewfic* Ya Hala Bil Dayf
D3.15 – Fairuz Ghaba Naharon
D3.16 – Alfred Schnittke Sonata For Cello And Piano - 3. Largo
D3.17 – Archie Shepp The Cry Of My People
D3.18 – Juan Amalbert's Latin Jazz Quintet* G.T.'s Theme
D3.19 – Shankar Jaikishan* Gumnaam Hai Koi
D3.20 – Sumire Yoshihara Munari By Munari
D3.21 – Zerfas I Don't Understand
D3.22 – Omar Khorshid Alf Layla



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