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Conrad Schnitzler, Pharmakustik; Kontraktion

Conrad Schnitzler, Pharmakustik; Kontraktion

Long Playing Record

Kontraktion is the result of two long sessions that have been recorded on tape by Conrad Schnitzler and Siegmar Fricke (Pharmakustik) in Schnitzler's former studio Leberstrasse in Berlin. The five soundscapes, produced in November 1986 and July 1987 with EMS-Synthi A, KORG MS 10+20, delays, contain all the machinistic energy and infernal industrial sound-eruptions similar to Conrad's first three albums Schwarz (BB 112CD/LP), Rot (BB 102CD/LP) and Blau (BB 103CD/LP) and to the rumbling train-wheel-rhythms of Zug (MINIMAL 001LP).

In addition, Kontraktion carries the spirit of the first album by Cluster released on Philips in 1971 due to the imposing bruitiste elements of uneasy sci-fi atmospheres. In 2014, the long sessions on tape have been edited, restructured and recombined by Siegmar Fricke at Pharmakustik-studio Germany and have now become a powerful milestone, 30 years after they have been recorded. Standard black vinyl in an edition of 400.


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