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Chuck Bettis; Pixel Bleed

Chuck Bettis; Pixel Bleed

Living Myth
LM 004 CD
Compact Disc
Let me just say that Chuck here is the dude; long a tireless figure on first the DC, then greater New York City's experimental & post-hardcore scenes, he's really come into his own via a number of projects, including his Brown Wing Overdrive trio & his ongoing duo projects with Bérangère Maximin, Mick Barr & Boston's own Brendan Murray.

Long overdue for a solo survey - I count 10 years since his "Community of Commotion" disc for North East Indie - this rundown of his current standing w/r/t his decades-long investigation into software systems is both a fine bringer-up-to-speed, and a genuine new direction for Chuck, focusing on repeated song-structures realized solely with purely abstract materials - dips into Mark Fell -styled pattern anomalies & the light-speed collage aesthetic of a John Wiese are present, albeit done in Chuck's inimitable style. Nice to hear him dabble, unambiguously, with tonal & melodic information, to boot.


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