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Cellar, Volume 2

Cellar, Volume 2

R30 CD
Compact Disc
1. roger eno
Evocative of the English countryside, where Roger lives.
A taste of what is to come from Roger’s LP for Recital, This Floating World (due later this year).
A fine soft slip into this collection.

2. adriano spatola & gian paolo roffi
Giovanni Fontana recalls: “In fact this is the last concert of Adriano. It was recorded in Rome in Piazza Margana, in the historic center. During the evening, which I attended it too, we worked for a long time, until late. When the time of Adriano, a man appeared at the window, screaming and railing against Adriano. The man was angry because he said he could not sleep. All the bickering is recorded on the disc. It was a show within the show, which in a sense (in hindsight) now takes on a dramatic tone.”
A bear of a man. His publications Edition Geiger and Baobab are major influences to me.
His first book, The Porthole, is a must read.

3. barbara bent & the berkeley gamelan
A special slice from the archive of Daniel Schmidt.
One of the only recorded works by Bent, who also performed in the Berkeley Gamelan.
An addicting piece of music, interlocking like a golden clock’s gears.

4. andrew chalk & daisuke suzuki
Track from as of yet unreleased album by A&D. Andrew thought it would fit in for Recital, and I do agree.
The title, Suzume means “sparrow” in Japanese.
Daisuke says; “‘Suzume’ is neither sinister nor sweet, and it shines like a crystal under a bright moon.”

5. peter friel
Received this as a random email attachment from Peter one morning.
Humble and direct advice.

6. karla borecky
Karla sent me two piano tracks to consider, another lovely track called “The Nicest Hair” which I imagine will make her ‘Work In Progress’ follow up album to Still In Your Pocket, coming on Recital, … and this track, “The Life of the Party” which appeared in a different version on IFCO’s Kye LP – Music from the Impossible Salon. It has always been a fan favorite, and for good reason.

7. ian william craig
Outtake from A Turn of Breath– recorded during the same session as Erat Hora (from Short of Breath).
Always sounded like Ian sang this down from a tree on a summer’s night.
A poem by Keats transferred into song, quite lyrically, by Ian.

8. giovanni fontana
Giovanni sent me this work while I was in London for business, I listened while walking through streams of people in SoHo, the piece streams in a similar fashion. Coming and going and disappearing. Tasteful use of digital manipulation and cut-ups.

9. alex twomey
In 2015 Alex sent me two tracks, which broke the hold of his hiatus from music in 2012 (he used to record as Mirror to Mirror). Alex has such an ear for cinematic composition; romance and solitude dripping together. Like an old man with his innocence intact.
Alex has promised to make a fully composed record for Recital, we will see.

10. loren connors
A live performance that Loren emailed me. I like the chimes; they form a physical dimension between his tumbling guitar and their feathered pins. To me it is very sad music, brimming with emotion. Evokes a night, lost in New York.

11. intermission
A room of clocks and wine and a muted chorale.

12. charlie morrow
A beautiful piece dedicated to Charlie’s friend Dick Higgins. In response to a work Dick wrote for Charlie, a trumpeter, called “Music for Trumpets and Trees” (1976). Charlie purchased Dick’s old farm (sugarbush) in Vermont- this was recorded on the property. This is the last in a group of pieces Charlie has written in the Wave Music series, which utilize armies of single instruments (ie. 60 clarinets, 40 cellos, 30 harps etc.) – a lovely, militaristic (almost Ayler-esque) homage to the father of Intermedia.

13. graham lambkin
Graham sent me this track and it made me smile and laugh, however awkwardly. His touch is so aware and illuminating. “A bird landed on a balloon.”

14. michael vincent waller
A piece dedicated to Pauline Oliveros. A simple and beautiful piano work. Michael has an upcoming album on Recital this year. Grown from the seeds of Bryars and Skempton.

15. nour mobarak
Nour and I talked about doing a voice-based LP for Recital about 2 years ago (?) This is a track from the “Work in Process” album.
She brings herself and puts herself into her artwork boldly and proudly, which I admire.

16. isolde touch
Piano and a clipped up text narrative, right up my alley.
Asha has started her engine, and I await her next full-length album. Refreshingly delicate and honest and informed by all the best players.

17. matthew sullivan
Similarly to the G. Fontana track, I first heard this in London while walking to Cafe Oto from SoHo- was oddly reflective of the surroundings on that jaunt.
Reminds me of what I imagine Bill Fontana’s Australian Sound Sculptures CD on Editions Block sounds like (one day I’ll finally buy it).

18. sarah davachi
A pensive composition. Propelling forward yet sinking down. Lovely ripples and rings of piano overtones, all walking into the dark.

19. eric schmid
Eric rapping over a Gerhard Rühm track, with a “real world” outro. Quintessentially Schmid.

20. idea fire company
Roxy Music reference? Check. Sad keyboard? Check. Synth interferences? Check. Hook, line, and sinker.


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