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Bruce Ditmas; Yellow Dust

Bruce Ditmas; Yellow Dust

Finders Keepers
FKR 078 LP
Long Playing Record

Bruce Ditmas is a unique, heavy musician from one of those special tightknit communities that tried (and almost succeeded) to change the face of progressive pop music and jazz via musical technology. Raised in Miami (an unknown incubator for future synthesists), Ditmas carved the image of a teen prodigy playing jazz drums at the most exclusive Miami Beach hotels.

After being whisked off to New York by none other than July Garland he became immersed in free music, recording compositions by Annette Peacock and Carla Bley before setting up house with vocal artist Joan La Barbara (later Mrs. Morton Subotnick) in 1975, who, via her own label, encouraged Ditmas to pursue his very specific experiments in heavy electronic rhythms. Yellow Dust is compiled from the solo Moog drum compositions from his only two albums (Aeray Dustand Yellow, both released in 1977) created using a Mininoog (donated byGil "Hendrix" Evans), an ARP 2600, and a wide range of treated percussive instruments that littered this enfant terrible's bedroom floor throughout the 1970s.

Meet your new favorite drummer, and the best Moog drum record in your whole collection.


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