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Bobby Brown; Prayers of a One Man Band

Bobby Brown; Prayers of a One Man Band

Del Rio
DRR 001 LP
Long Playing Record
We are very pleased to announce that our first release, Bobby Brown's magical "Prayers Of A One Man Band" will be available December 6th in a limited 1000 vinyl run. Originally self-released by Bobby in 1982, it sees light for the first time in 33 years.

Bobby is a multi-instrumentalist, inventor, mystical physicist and world traveler who has charmed everyone from Kenny Loggins to Philip K. Dick. "Prayers Of A One Man Band" places him along side The Beach Boys, Harry Partch, and Lindsay Buckingham as a true California visionary.

The album, written and recorded entirely by Bobby on homemade instruments, is unlike any other in regards to scope and originality. It's swirling mix of synthesizers, wood percussion, Hawaiian folklore and new age poetry has captured the imagination of those lucky enough to come across it hiding in record stores and thrift shops. Bobby has remained a true drifter all the while, traveling from Hawaii to China to Russia where he performed in Red Square. This is an unprecedented release and an essential piece of music.


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