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Basil Kirchin; Silicon Chip

Basil Kirchin; Silicon Chip

TTT 010 EP
Seven Inch Single Record

An unreleased 1979 post-punk-post-disco banger from British musical maverick, Basil Kirchin. Back in the late 1970s, Kirchin was in Hull, working on numerous projects, documentary scores, and strange musical concepts. "Silicon Chip" is a rare surviving and most unusual work from the period, until now an unreleased slice of jumping, plugged-in perfection presciently celebrating the dawn of the computer-based industrial revolution. "Silicon Chips" is a set of quick electro blasts and logos, possibly conceived and written for library usage. Personnel: Gary Burroughs - vocals, guitar, keyboards; Danny Wood - drums; Dane Morrell - drums; Bernie Dolman - bass.


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