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A Simple Procedure

A Simple Procedure

Estuary, Limited
EST 5007 CD
Double Compact Disc Set
Double-disc compilation of loosely-aligned riffs on Cage's "Imaginary Landscape No. 5" by pretty much a who's who of Experimental Music from New England & beyond, including pieces by Blevin Blectum & Ed Osborn, Gilles Aubry, Ken Ueno, Andrea Pensado, Amnon Wolman, Ido Govrin, Rrose, Robert Donne & Stephen Vitiello, Daniel Menche, Steve Roden, Jeff Carey, Christine Ödlund, Area C, Reuben Son, Geoff Mullen, Yann Novak & Robert Crouch, Maia Urstad, Kraig Grady, Intimacy & Intrigue, Jeremy Harris, Work / Death, Mark Cetilia, Val Martino, Davey Harms, Ren Schofield, Soft Target, Matt Underwood, Jen Boyd & Joe Cantrell, Dalglish, Titans of Jazz, Ernst Karel, Sarah Hennies, Shawn Greenlee, Timeghost, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Christopher Forgues, Agnes Hvizdalek & Harald Fetveit, Power Monster, Morgan Evans-Weiler, Vic Rawlings, Donna Parker, Mem1, & Attila Faravelli.


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