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C-Schulz; 10. Hose Horn

C-Schulz; 10. Hose Horn

Unseen Worlds
UW 14 LP
Long Playing Record
FRÜHE JAHRE is the first time reissue of C-Schulz’s early work from late 1980s and early ‘90s. Schulz’s first LP, 10. HOSE HORN, was introduced alongside other debut LPs from Jim O'Rourke and Frank Dommert on Dommert's Entenpfuhl label in 1991. Combining the cathartic sounds of industrial, early techno, and innovative pop with inspiration from acousmatic, New Music, and Dada, Schulz’s music is a prime example of the Cologne experimental music scene of the time. Rhythmic delights, outlandish juxtapositions and a sustained, unresolved, aurally-fascinating tension evoke dramatic, film-like meditations. Also included in the collection are the tracks from 7. PARTY DISCO and various other cassette, 7" singles, and compilations, as well as a previously unreleased digital-only bonus track. Liner notes written by Marcus Schmickler, who also co-produced many of the tracks. Remastering by Rashad Becker.

Carsten Schulz (C-Schulz) was born in Cologne in 1968 and has worked professionally as a musician and filmmaker since 1990. During his formative years he studied classical oboe, among other instruments, and a diverse array of musical theory. From 1996-2001, he studied audio-visual arts at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne. Since 2002 C-Schulz has composed for the renowned Studio Akustische Kunst of the West German broadcasting service (WDR). Schulz’s music is influenced by Industrial music, contemporary classical music, krautrock, Musique Concrete, library music, early techno and the underground tape scene of the late 80s. Schulz has several releases on such labels as Extreme (Australia), Odd Size (France), Entenpfuhl + Sonig (Germany). C-Schulz rarely gives solo concerts and all of them are multichannel (5.1). He currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


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