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Peter Blamey; Five Fertile Exchanges

Peter Blamey; Five Fertile Exchanges

Consumer Waste
CW 21 CD
Compact Disc

Little known outside of his native Australia, Peter Blamey has been recuperating discarded electronics into artworks for more than a decade. As Douglas Kahn writes in his sleeve notes here, he belongs to an artistic tradition unique to Australia that trades sound and energy.

Having cut his teeth in an extensive exploration of disposed motherboards, Blamey has more recently worked with photo-voltaic cells, homemade electromagnets and rudimentary turbines to propose dialogues between sound, power and the elemental forces of wind, water and light. The work here was produced at the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture, located near the site of a large hydroelectric facility in the Victorian bush.

The five interventions documented here comprise a quiet (and not so quiet) protest against this industrial instrumentalising of landscape.


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