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Winter Creel Pone Quartet.

Available today are four late-stage entrants into the Creel Pone canon / catalogue:

Jan Beran; Aniseikonia, Zeitsplitter, 4 Etüden
Philippe Doray, Les Asociaux Associés; Ramasses-Miettes, Nouveaux Modes Industriels
John Holland; Music From A Small Planet, Paths Of Motion
Frank W. Becker; Celebration

We're getting very close to the 200-title expiration, so these batches are fewer & farther between than in the past! Long on the Creel Pone "candidates" list & endless veto'ed by your truly due to the inclusion of the "Devil's Xylophone" in it's equipment list is Jan Beran's "Aniseikonia", a blistering set of mid-80s FM-synthesis études touching on pointillist vectors not all that far removed from Nuno Canvarro's Plux Quba.

The first two Phillippe Doray & Les Asociaux Associés LPs are a thing of legend, earning him a rightful place in the NWW list; they're a fine addition to the series, where Doray's VCS3 choogle & sprechstimme recitif offering a Psychedelic experience somewhere between the lurch of Mahogany Brain & the "Minimal Synth" of the Vanity scene & (later "Ruth" collaborator) Thierry "Ilitch" Müller.

Personally, I wasn't aware of Boston-area composer John Holland's two private press releases, "Music From a Small Planet" & "Paths of Motion" prior to their replications here, offering an exhaustive slice of grafted 8-bit timbres in "League" with the Automatic Music Composers & possessing a certain algorithmic, Triadex Muse-y, Hal Alles Generator-like flow, albeit far more dissonant & keening in its blockiness, ala Pietro Grossi's seminal "Computer Music" set.

Finally, similarly, Frank W. Becker's privately-released "Celebration" provides us with a honey of a flowing "Sunrise" minimalism affair, before treating us to two proper "Avant-Garde" pieces on the flip; a Live Electronic number w/ Aki Takahashi & Kuniharu Akiyama, then a proper 1972 Musique Concrète affair.

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