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I've finally migrated the prolific, 10+ year old Mimaroglu Discogs account, kicking & screaming, into a proper "Broken-Music" account. Head on over to:


Where you'll find, on average, around 1,000 titles for sale at any given time from a collection of around 5,000 Original LPs from a Library collection in the states (largely Avant-Classical & Early Electronic Music) plus a selection of relatable titles in the general Experimental, Electronic, Noise, Punk, Synth, Free Jazz, Improvisation, Modern Classical, Library, Techno, New Age, IDM, Hip Hop, Drum N' Bass, Psychedelic, IDM, and Ethnographic nexuses. I should have everything up & accessible by the end of Autumn, including listing all of the Mimaroglu stock & select gems from my personal collection. Exciting times!

You can skip right to the listings via this link:


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