Broken-Music will be CLOSED from the 20th of September through 11th of October; orders placed during this time will ship on or after the 12th.
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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Broken-Music the same as Mimaroglu Music?

Functionally, diagrammatically, topologically, legally; yes. That said, Broken-Music, the physical stock listed for sale herein, and the proprietor are all now located in Melbourne, Australia. Mimaroglu Music & Mimaroglu Music Sales were based in Cambridge, MA, USA. 

I used the love all of the detailed scans & personally selected sound-samples on the Mimaroglu site, will you be resuming any of that with Broken-Music?

It was a fantastic experiment that I'm glad I kept up with for over 10 years, but in the end the amount of work in generating all of that information didn't exceed the return on its time-investment. That, and the fact that the complexities of offering detailed scans of new releases for preview in such a detailed way seemed to do more damage than good - I was repeatedly getting requests from labels to take them down to stave off piracy from .torrent purveyors & Russian bootleg music sites - I'm happy to simply offer the front & back covers scanned through the shrinkwrap in a measure to replicate the in-situ browsing experience. From here on out, I'll gladly share whatever promotional materials the labels offer sound-wise; especially Soundcloud samples, but I won't be generating these myself.

I would really, really love to sell you something; my thing. Will you buy some from me?

In an effort to streamline things to the point of complete & utter simplicity, I'm keen on avoiding any kind of complex accounting scenarios involving consignment, terms, or anything outside of buying stock at wholesale levels outright. The ideal situation is when you have a relationship going with an interim distributor from whom I can seamlessly replenish stock levels as needed; I sell a copy of something, I get another one back in stock in the next cycle. I've set up a vast network of partnerships with Distributors all over the world; the ability to pick & choose what to bring in without having to justify anything to anyone is very, very appealing. The best move is to point me towards the most convenient link in your supply chain, and the rest will happen naturally.

But I don't deal with any Distributors and I run my own label, will you buy some from me?

Maybe; please send over links to information regarding your releases well in advance of their release date - I'm not interested in titles that have been languishing in your closet, under your bed, etc. for months, or even years. Crucial, deal-making things like Soundcloud samples and intelligible promotional writing go a long way towards helping make up my mind as to whether to take a chance on something that I might never sell a single copy of. Barring all of the casual, digital promo options, feel free to send a physical copy to:

c/o Keith Whitman
PO Box 240
546 Rathdowne Street
Carlton North VIC 3054

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