Broken-Music will be CLOSED from the 20th of September through 11th of October; orders placed during this time will ship on or after the 12th.
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Broken-Music is Live.

Welcome; is now live & beaming to you direct from a roll-up garage in the Brunswick suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Our name references both René & Ursula Block's 1989 Gelbe Musik catalogue & its associated 1992 gallery show of "Artists recordworks" as well as the 1979 Walter Marchetti curated Milan Knižák LP whose title they & we alike chose to liberate. We couldn't conjure a better reference point for the particular nexus of the art, literature, music, & sound worlds we're choosing to cover herein; many of our favorite recordings were exposed to audiences outside of their origins via "Broken Music," much in the same way the Nurse With Wound list contexualized a litany of seemingly unrelated experimental music-making & music-releasing practices into something resembling a coherent whole. We aim to do something similar, with perhaps even more disparate strains of Historical & Contemporary Electronic & Experimental Music.

The site itself is thus far functioning admirably; a few bolts need to be tightened here & there, but everything is go, and stock has begun filtering in to active inventory at a frightening speed; the shipping calculator will endure a bit of tweaking over the next week as we learn the vagaries of Australia Post, so don't be too alarmed if quotes seem unusually high - or low - for the time being; they'll stabilize. As always, if you see something odd, please get in touch via the form on the "Info" page. We recommend making an account, not only so that you can keep tabs on your orders & activities locally, but also as we can now push titles of which we only receive tiny allotments to the VIP amongst you, so to speak, completely bypassing the casual, anonymous browsers of this site. Food for thought in these Limited Edition times.

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