Broken-Music will be closed between April 22nd & May 5th; feel free to place an order at any time, but keep in mind that it will not ship until after the 6th.
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Broken-Music closed between April 22nd & May 5th.

I will be traveling to the USA & Canada this weekend for the Don Buchla Memorial at the Gray Box in San Francisco, as well as a couple of events at Human Resources in LA and The Rattle in Vancouver. I will be back in Melbourne late on the 5th of May. Feel free to place an order on the site here at any point, but please keep in mind that it will not ship until after the 6th; the 10% incentive is very much still in place. 

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Unseen Worlds

Excited to be able to offer the complete available catalogue of the excellent Unseen Worlds label, including the recent Carl Stone triple-LP, and the perennial back-catalogue titles by Laurie Spiegel, Richard Landry, David Rosenboom, Lubomyr Melnyk, Girma Yifrashewa, Philip Corner, Elodie Lauten, and "Blue" Gene Tyranny.  

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Fall Creel Pone Quartet.

Four new Creel Pone titles are now available; things have really been slowing down in this department, so this is a rare, seasonal event. Now on offer: Suomalaista Elektroakustista Musiikkia, Finnish Electro-Acoustic Music Rafael Aponte Ledée; Musica Contemporanea Puertorriqueña Mesias Maiguashca; Oeldorf 8 Electronic Music by Canadian Composers, Volumes 1 & 2, Music Canada Vol XIII, Electronic Music in Canada

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Autumn Incentive.

Fall is upon us, and with it comes Broken-Music's intended yearly sale; from today (March 22nd; moon-phase related habits are hard to break) clear through our one-year anniversary on the 15th of May and into the third week of June, feel free to take 10% off of your order by pasting the code "10%" into the "Discount" box on the right hand side of the main checkout page when you place an order (don't forget to hit "Apply"). Feel free to use the code as often as you like, across as many orders as you like. 

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Away from the garage.

I will be in Moscow, then Helsinki, then Stockholm from tomorrow, the 20th of February through the 6th of March. The site here will operate as usual, but please keep in mind that all orders placed during this time will ship after my return to Melbourne, on the 7th of March at the earliest.

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