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Away from the garage.

I will be in Moscow, then Helsinki, then Stockholm from tomorrow, the 20th of February through the 6th of March. The site here will operate as usual, but please keep in mind that all orders placed during this time will ship after my return to Melbourne, on the 7th of March at the earliest.

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Happy New Year!

My family & I have just returned to Melbourne from a wonderful 2-week Holiday break spent in Perth; I will resume shipping out orders in the morning. The site has just been updated to include several batches of new arrivals from overseas, plus there's a fairly thorough offering of the currently in-print catalogue of Oren Ambarchi's Black Truffle label, direct from the man himself. Update coming shortly...

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I was having a hard time finding sufficient images for the titles we're choosing to stock; as such I've resumed scanning the front & back panels of a copy of everything that lands here in the garage. This was always my favorite part of publishing the various Mimaroglu sites & I'm glad that I get to continue in this fashion. Take a look at each listing for, at the minimum, a fairly detailed representation of the outside of each title; this should obviate the need for listing track titles, production information, etc. in the item listings.

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Creel Pone sound samples.

I've added sound-samples to most of the Creel Pone titles on offer herein; a huge undertaking, but very rewarding. Excerpts of the majority of the Creel Pone catalogue have just been uploaded to the Soundcloud account, 18+ hours worth.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Broken-Music the same as Mimaroglu Music? Functionally, diagrammatically, topologically, legally; yes. That said, Broken-Music, the physical stock listed for sale herein, and the proprietor are all now located in Melbourne, Australia. Mimaroglu Music & Mimaroglu Music Sales were based in Cambridge, MA, USA.  I used the love all of the detailed scans & personally selected sound-samples on the Mimaroglu site, will you be resuming any of that with Broken-Music? It was a fantastic experiment that I'm glad I kept up with for over 10 years, but in the end the amount of work in generating all of that information didn't exceed the return on its time-investment....

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